Arizona Cardinals salary cap situation shows they are going all-in during Kyler Murray’s rookie contract

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By: Seth Cox

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With the offseason in full swing much of the conversation is about what teams have done, what they still need to do, or rankings.

Then you have Pro Football Focus, who combined all three into a nice little article taking a look at this season through the 2023 season and each teams cap space, their money spent and how they look heading into those seasons.

For the Cardinals, they have basically gone all-in to try and win under Kyler Murray’s rookie contract.

From PFF:


The Cardinals have more or less gone all-in on quarterback Kyler Murray‘s third rookie-contract season. Edge defender J.J. Watt and center Rodney Hudson are just two of the many veteran acquisitions from this offseason, and both of these contracts contain void years to push prorated money into the future. Pulling the Cardinals’ ranking down is also the fact that they’ve struggled to add a lot of talent via the draft in recent years, most notably whiffing on the selection of quarterback Josh Rosen after trading up to get him in the 2018 draft.

The Cardinals biggest issue seems to have been the draft. They seem to be doing better, but the 2016-2018 drafts did not yield enough high end talent, and Steve Keim has had to continually lean on free agency to win.

Which means high level contracts for veterans.

We will see if it pays off, but what do you think of where the Cardinals are ranked?

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