ESPN’s Mike Greenberg on Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets

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By: USA TODAY Sports

When should Jets fans start to panic over Rodgers? Mike Greenberg has this date circled on his calendar.

Mike Greenberg is a huge Jets fan – always has been. 

And after a lifetime of woes as a New York football fan, the ESPN personality thinks that with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback, the Jets have become “significant Super Bowl contenders.”

Still, the Jets haven’t officially acquired the four-time MVP, and Greenberg, with tongue firmly planted within cheek, attributes 50% of the need for his recent heart procedure to worrying about the Jets and the signing. 

Should the Jets consider a younger quarterback, like Lamar Jackson, to lead their team? Greenberg recently told Sports Seriously that he’s committed to Rodgers, even if the 39-year old QB only has a few years left in the tank. 

“I think Rodgers gives you a better chance of winning once. While Lamar gives you a better chance of winning in the long run. The Jets have a roster that has been put together very specifically for what Rodgers does.”

While Jackson has not officially re-signed yet with the Ravens, Baltimore did just acquire Odell Beckham Jr. in hopes of keeping their QB with his current team next season.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers has been spotted working out with former Packers teammate turned Jet Allen Lazard. 

So when should Jets fans panic?

“If it doesn’t happen before the draft, that’s when I think you start getting a little worried.” says Greenberg.

 Watch the entire fun, entertaining, and enlightening interview above.

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