How much will the New York Jets have to travel during 2023 season?

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By: IMissFatRex

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For better or worse, tonight the NFL has announced its 2023 schedule, and we know where and when the Jets will be playing their games.

With this in mind, the general distance that teams will travel in 2023 can be calculated. In theory, traveling less could lead to lesser fatigue, but the support for this claim is pretty minimal. There may also be longer-term performance decreases related to travel that teams incur towards the latter part of the season, but I’ve never seen that analyzed. Due to of this lack of strong support, we can think of this data of more of an interesting tidbit than anything else, but interesting tidbits can still be fun to talk about.

However, for Jets fans who buy into the theory that travel may lessen performance even without data to support it at this time, you might be happy to learn that the Jets will be among the teams with the fewest miles traveled for the 2023 season. They also experience one of the lowest amounts of timezone changes. By comparison, the Dolphins will be among the league leaders in travel mileage.

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