‘It’s time for NY Jets to sign Derek Carr,’ says ESPN reporter

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By: Rivka Boord

An ESPN report claims that the New York Jets should be all-in on Derek Carr

As the Derek Carr-Aaron Rodgers debate continues to rage around the New York Jets, a new ESPN report urges them to make a choice.

Jeff Darlington went on with Marcus Spears and Tedy Bruschi and said that according to an “important Green Bay source,” Rodgers is expected to return to the Packers.

He believes that it is time for the Jets to sign Carr.

This is after rumors surfaced in recent days that the Packers are “disgusted” with Rodgers and do not want him back. Additionally, Boomer Esiason said just yesterday that Rodgers does not want the Packers anymore, either.

This ESPN report can be interpreted in a few ways. If it’s taken at face value and is actually true, then yes, it would be prudent for the Jets to aggressively pursue Carr.

However, there is much to be considered before overreacting to this report. First, Darlington’s source seemed to be expressing an opinion rather than actual knowledge; he said that “in light of [Rodgers’s] contract and the commitment he made to the team,” he believes that when all is said and done, the QB will return to Green Bay.

That’s different than a source saying he’s spoken to Rodgers or knows the inner workings of what’s going on.

Furthermore, all the rumblings about the Packers being out on Rodgers has been bad for any trade leverage Green Bay might have. If it is widely known that both sides are out, then the return of a trade would be greatly reduced.

There is a great incentive for Green Bay to rehabilitate that image ASAP.

Additionally, the Jets just sent a message to the Packers’ camp by telling Carr that they believe he can win a Super Bowl and be a first-ballot Hall of Famer in New York. This was likely posturing on their part. It’s natural that Green Bay would posture in return.

Again, this is another way to read the situation. It’s difficult to decipher what’s true and what’s smoke.

Either way, Jet X’s Robby Sabo made some solid points about why the Jets should not panic and sign Carr immediately.

It’s important to keep this in mind: Matt LaFleur was Robert Saleh‘s best man at his wedding. There are many ties that bind the Packers’ inner circle and the Jets’ despite Mike LaFleur’s uncomfortable exit from New York.

It is highly likely that the Jets have some information the general public does not, even if it’s just a timeline for a Rodgers decision.

Therefore, it is important to resist the urge to call for the Jets to do something rash. Joe Douglas is not one to react to the heat of the moment. He has his process.

The Jets can afford to wait a few more days for Rodgers. Carr does not seem to be in a rush to sign in his own right, anyway.

Let the saga continue.

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