Jets fans love the addition of Aaron Rodgers but not the price paid to get him

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By: John B

Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 NFL Draft begins tonight. It has been an unusual April for Jets fans as most of the focus has been away from the Draft, however. For over a month fans waited for Aaron Rodgers to be traded from the Packers to the Jets. Now that the deal is done, we asked for your opinion.

This is our latest installment of SB Nation Reacts. Throughout the season and offseason we ask Jets fans for their opinion on the team.

What do Jets fans think about the Aaron Rodgers trade?

Clearly the trade has been warmly received in the fanbase. 83 percent of fans expressed some degree of approval with only 17 percent calling it an outright bad move.

There was a degree of nuance in this. As you see, a plurality of fans approved but had at least some concern with the price the Jets paid. Added together, 61 percent of voters expressed reservations about what the Jets gave up in the deal.

It certainly seems like Jets fans approve of what happened but that approval does come with some reservations.

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