ESPN’s Bill Barnwell proposes 3-team trade scenario for Jets and Aaron Rodgers

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By: Billy Riccette

The Jets and Packers continue to try and figure out draft-pick compensation that will allow Aaron Rodgers to finally become a member of Gang Green.

But recently, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell came up with a trade scenario to finally get Rodgers to the Jets but also gets a third team involved in the party to help the deal reach the finish line.

Barnwell’s proposal involves the Jets, Packers and Seattle Seahawks. The deal breaks down like this: the Jets trade No. 13 this year to the Packers as well as a conditional third-round pick in 2024 that becomes a second-round pick if the Jets win a playoff game in 2023. The Jets get Rodgers and the Nos. 45 and 78 picks in this year’s draft.

The Jets then turn around and trade 42 and 45 to the Seahawks to get back into the first round at No. 20.

“Well, you knew a Rodgers trade was coming. To get the Packers this pick and keep the Jets in the first round, we have to get creative. I’m relying on the Seahawks to help facilitate this deal and pick up some draft value in the process.

Let’s break this up into two deals. First, the Jets send No. 13 and a conditional pick in 2024 to the Packers. This would be a third-round pick that becomes a second-rounder if the Jets win a playoff game in 2023. In return, they finally land Rodgers, as well as Nos. 45 and 78 from Green Bay. Depending on how you evaluate the future conditional pick, this values Rodgers as roughly being worth the 25th pick in a typical draft by the Johnson chart.

Then, the Jets would send Nos. 42 (acquired from the Browns in the Elijah Moore deal) and 45 (just acquired in this Packers deal) to the Seahawks for No. 20. This is a slight win for Seattle by the Johnson chart and a significant one by the Stuart chart, as picks in the top half of Round 2 are often underrated.

All of this adds up, right? The Jets lose this selection but land Rodgers while moving down only seven spots. The Packers get the first-rounder they want for Rodgers to address their 2023 team and add another meaningful pick in 2024. The Seahawks create more value for themselves and have four picks between 37 and 52, which allows them to move wherever they want in the bottom of the first round and top of the second round.”

As Barnwell mentions, this trade works out because the Packers get the first-round pick they want and the Jets are able to stay in the first round by swinging the deal with the Seahawks, who would have four picks in the second round in this scenario. So it really just boils down to the Jets getting Rodgers in exchange for moving down seven spots in the first round and trading a handful of second-round picks at most.

It may be a little too crazy to actually happen, but it’s an interesting one to at least think about.

Originally posted on Jets Wire

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