ESPN chart shows how insane Bryce Huff has been rushing the passer this season

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By: Billy Riccette

He may not be a household name like Myles Garrett or Micah Parsons, but Bryce Huff has been quite a force rushing the passer, even in such a limited time.

Huff is fourth on the team with 3.5 sacks, behind Quinnen Williams (8), Carl Lawson (5) and John Franklin-Myers (4).

To put in perspective how little Huff plays compared to the others, these are their number of snaps so far this season:

Quinnen Williams – 488 (66.5%)
Carl Lawson – 438 (59.7%)
John Franklin-Myers – 412 (56.1%)
Bryce Huff – 117 (15.9%)

Lawson and Franklin-Myers have played almost four times as many snaps as Huff, yet Huff is within 1.5 sacks of both.

And that’s just on his own team. A chart from ESPN’s analytics and Seth Walder shows how impressive Huff has been in pass-rush win rate.

Think about that chart for a second. Huff’s pass-rush win rate is higher than those of Garrett and Parsons. It’s higher than everybody on this chart. That is insane. And it makes you wonder what he could do if he was playing even more than he already is.

The Jets have a stable of pass-rushers, so they don’t necessarily need to throw Huff out there as much, so having Huff in the position they do can be seen as a luxury. But down the line, Huff may turn into the force on the outside for New York. Until then, we can continue to see the flashes during his limited time. And soon enough, more people will know the name Bryce Huff.

Originally posted on Jets Wire

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