Former NFL HC Mike Martz has big praise for Zach Wilson: ‘He can make the unusual throws Mahomes makes’

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By: Billy Riccette

In a recent breakdown for The 33rd Team, former NFL head coach Mike Martz gave his thoughts on Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. And he sure had some high praise and lofty expectations for the second-year quarterback.

“He can make the difficult, unusual throws that (Chiefs quarterback Patrick) Mahomes makes,” Martz said. Wilson did have a sidearm throw against the Bills that sort of reminded you of Mahomes, but this is still very high praise from the former head coach of the Rams, who was the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl XXXIV champion Rams in 1999 and head coach when the Rams got back to the Super Bowl two years later.

As far as his expectations go, they are sky-high. “When the dust settles, he’s going to be an elite quarterback,” Martz said.

Check out the full clip of Martz talking about Wilson and his expectations of him.

Originally posted on Jets Wire

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