Can NY Jets trust Billy Turner as their backup OT?

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By: Joe Blewett

Billy Turner has plenty of starting experience, but does that mean he’s a good backup for the New York Jets?

Offensive line depth is critical for any team. Ask the 2022 New York Jets.

Not only were the Jets’ primary backups tested during the 2022 NFL season, but the Jets’ backups to their backups were also tested. At points, the Jets were legitimately down to their sixth or seventh offensive tackle.

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This led many Jet fans to predict the team would take an offensive tackle high in the 2023 draft. The draft came and went with the Jets only investing a fourth-round pick (Carter Warren) into the offensive tackle depth.

Jets fans were left feeling uneasy. A fourth-round project isn’t enough to solidify the tackle depth.

Just two days after the conclusion of the NFL Draft, the Jets inked 31-year-old offensive lineman Billy Turner, adding the veteran backup they needed.

Turner is another veteran who is familiar with both Aaron Rodgers and Coach Hackett’s system. Turner has 75 career starts, including 43 with Rodgers and Hackett in Green Bay (2019-21) and seven with Hackett’s Broncos in 2022.

Turner also offers great versatility as he has started at both tackle and guard in recent years.

  • Just how good of a backup is Turner?
  • Does he have true versatility?
  • Where does he struggle?

All of these questions and many more are answered in this edition of Blewett’s Blitz. Plus, a list of strengths and weaknesses can be seen at the bottom of this article!

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