NY Jets: The ultimate Aaron Rodgers film review

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By: Michael Nania

In a thorough review of Aaron Rodgers’ film, we break down the nuances of his brilliant mental processing, unorthodox mechanics, and stunning consistency

New York Jets fans had been dealing with uncertainty at the quarterback position on a yearly basis for a very long time. Each season, fans would cling to hope that maybe this would be the year that their prized young quarterback – be it Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, Sam Darnold, or Zach Wilson – would finally put it all together. But it never happened.

Offseason talk centered around the areas where fans wanted to see improvement from their young quarterback. Questions like “Can Darnold clean up the turnovers?” and “Can Zach make the layups?” caused stress for Jets fans on a daily basis from January all the way up until the season opener.

At long last, Jets fans can enjoy their summer and R-E-L-A-X about the state of the quarterback position. With Aaron Rodgers aboard, gone are the days of heated summer debates about whether the Jets’ quarterback will take “the leap”. The Jets have a future Hall of Famer who will play the position the way it is meant to be played – something Jets fans simply have not seen for a long time.

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Viewers of Blewett’s Blitz have watched a lot of sloppy fundamentals and bad decision-making from the Jets’ quarterbacks over the past few years. Watching Rodgers play the position will be a surprising sight for these longtime viewers. Rodgers brings intelligence, instincts, consistency, and command to the position that will shock Jets fans who have grown used to poor quarterback play.

Today, we get into part one of our four-part Aaron Rodgers film review on Blewett’s Blitz. This part of the review focuses on the first half of Rodgers’ 2021 season with the Packers.

Rodgers won his second consecutive MVP in 2021, playing under his now-Jets offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett. On the newest edition of Blewett’s Blitz, we begin taking a look at Rodgers’ film to give Jets fans an idea of what they are getting from their new quarterback.

  • What does Rodgers look like when he is playing at an MVP level?
  • What are the main traits that make Rodgers an all-time great?
  • Can Zach Wilson learn from Rodgers’ mechanics?
  • What can fans expect from Hackett’s offense?

All of these questions and much more will be answered in part one of our four-part Aaron Rodgers film review!

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Full member-only Aaron Rodgers film breakdown

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