The definitive bye week rooting guide for New York Jets fans

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By: Michael Nania

Skol? Dawg Pound? Here are the fanbases New York Jets fans must join for Bye Week Sunday

The New York Jets are officially among the central competitors in the AFC playoff mix. Entering their Week 10 bye with a 6-3 record (tying them for the most victories of any team in the conference), the Jets are right in the thick of things.

Jets fans are used to the bye week representing a much-needed break from the weekly disappointment. But times have changed. Now, many Jets fans are sad they cannot watch their team this week.

While the Jets themselves will not play today, Jets fans still have plenty to look forward to. Being in the playoff race means there are a ton of other games around the league that directly affect the future of your team.

Here are some of the fanbases that Jets fans should temporarily join while the boys in green enjoy their off week.

Minnesota Vikings (@ Buffalo Bills) and Cleveland Browns (@ Miami Dolphins)

The Jets’ Week 9 win over the Buffalo Bills officially placed them in contention for the AFC East crown. Buffalo remains in first place at 6-2, but the Jets trail by only a half-game at 6-3. The Miami Dolphins are tied with the Jets for second place, although the Jets currently own the tiebreaker over Miami by virtue of their Week 5 victory.

New York can come out of Week 10 ranking anywhere from first to third in the AFC East. It all depends on how things play out in Orchard Park and Miami Gardens.

Buffalo will host the 7-1 Minnesota Vikings, who have won six consecutive games. Bills quarterback Josh Allen is expected to play despite not practicing all week due to an elbow injury, which he suffered against the Jets last week. Allen will try to help the Bills maintain their undefeated record at home (3-0).

Miami will host the 3-5 Cleveland Browns. The Dolphins are seeking a 6-0 record in games that were started and finished by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Cleveland is coming off a bye week after smashing the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football two weeks ago.

If the Bills and Dolphins both lose, the Jets will be in first place entering Week 11:

  1. Jets: 6-3 (Tiebreaker over BUF via head-to-head win)
  2. Bills: 6-3
  3. Dolphins: 6-4

If the Bills and Dolphins both win, the Jets will drop into third place:

  1. Bills: 7-2
  2. Dolphins: 7-3
  3. Jets: 6-3

If only one of Buffalo and Miami wins, the winning team will rise into first place while the losing team will drop into third. The Jets would remain in second place.

The New England Patriots are on their bye week, so they will remain in fourth place at 5-4 going into next week’s clash with the Jets.

Jets fans must root hard for the Vikings and Browns this week. If both underdogs can defy the odds and come out victorious, the unthinkable will become reality: The New York Jets will hold first place in the AFC East. (For now.)

Don’t be alarmed if you hear some “Skol!” and “Here we go, Brownies!” chants echoing throughout New York and New Jersey.

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Denver Broncos (@ Tennessee Titans)

The Tennessee Titans are likely to win the AFC South, but you never know if they might eventually fall out of the division lead and into the wild card hunt, so the Jets would love for the Titans to rack up as many losses as possible.

And, who knows? Even if the Titans do maintain possession of the AFC South lead, they might end up competing with the AFC East-leading Jets for seeding at the top of the conference.

Tennessee hosts the 3-5 Denver Broncos this week, who are coming off a bye after snapping their four-game losing streak. The Jets don’t have to worry about wins by Denver as they already hold a 2.5-game lead over Broncos with the head-to-head tiebreaker secured.

Jacksonville Jaguars (@ Kansas City Chiefs)

Like Tennessee, the Kansas City Chiefs lead their division at the moment and seem likely to maintain that position, but just in case they eventually drop out of the lead, it would be helpful for them to have more losses.

And, again, if the Jets are serious about competing for the AFC East, they may eventually find themselves competing against Kansas City for home-field advantage or a first-round bye.

There is one scenario – albeit a highly unlikely one – where the Jets come out of today in possession of the AFC’s No. 2 seed. For it to happen, the Jets need the Bills, Dolphins, Titans, and Chiefs to all lose. Here is how the top of AFC playoff picture would look if that happened:

  1. Ravens: 6-3 (Tiebreaker over NYJ and KC via conference record)
  2. Jets: 6-3 (Division tiebreaker over BUF via head-to-head win, Tiebreaker over KC via conference record)
  3. Chiefs: 6-3
  4. Titans: 5-4
  5. Bills: 6-3
  6. Dolphins: 6-4

Kansas City hosts Jacksonville today. The Jets shouldn’t have to worry about the 3-6 Jaguars as they hold a 3.0-game lead over them and will face them later in the season. A Jacksonville upset at Arrowhead would surely be welcomed by Jets fans.

San Francisco 49ers (vs. Los Angeles Chargers)

The Los Angeles Chargers will be one of the Jets’ top competitors in the AFC wild card race over the next couple of months. Los Angeles currently holds the AFC’s seventh seed with a 5-3 record.

The Jets are currently in the AFC’s fifth seed, but they will drop to the seventh seed by the end of today if Buffalo, Miami, and Los Angeles all win.

Any losses you can get from your playoff rivals are welcomed. Jets fans: You must be “Faithful to the Bay” during Sunday Night Football tonight.

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