Joe Douglas assures crowd of Jets fans Aaron Rodgers is coming

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By: Michael Nania

Joe Douglas breaks character while speaking to some New York Jets fans about Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas is well-known for running a tight ship.

Under Douglas, rumors of the team’s plans have leaked to the media much less frequently than they did under previous Jets general managers. Additionally, when speaking to the media, Douglas has mastered the art of remaining stoic and unleashing cookie-cutter answers that protect the team’s secrets.

However, we saw Douglas break character at an event hosted by WFAN on Friday.

When asked by host Boomer Esiason when Aaron Rodgers is coming to the Jets (in front of a large crowd of fans), Douglas assuredly stated, “he’s gonna be here.” His response drew loud cheers from the audience.

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It’s rare to see Douglas make this kind of statement in a public setting. Douglas usually keeps his cards close to the vest. Seeing Douglas make such a confident statement in front of a large crowd has to be reassuring for some Jets fans who might be getting a little anxious about whether the Rodgers trade will go down (looking at you, Mike Greenberg).

In other news, Rodgers was recently working out with Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard, according to Lazard’s Instagram.

There are 19 days until the 2023 NFL draft kicks off in Kansas City. That seems to be the next turning point in the trade discussions. If the Packers want picks in this year’s draft for Rodgers, the trade will have to occur either before or during the draft.

Should the draft be completed without a Rodgers trade, things will get murky. For now, though, it seems like a safe bet that a deal will be reached on or before April 27 – possibly in the final days or hours before the clock begins ticking on the Carolina Panthers. It’s tough to imagine Green Bay would be willing to miss out on immediate draft compensation for Rodgers, but hey, this is an unprecedented saga filled with oddities, so who knows?

In the meantime, Jets fans can find comfort in Douglas’ confident assurance.

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