Why all NY Jets fans should root for QB Zach Wilson to succeed

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By: Rivka Boord

Wilson will start against the Lions and likely beyond

Be careful what you wish for.

After Robert Saleh repeatedly insisted that he planned to get Zach Wilson back into action this season, the football gods decided to take him at his word. Mike White fractured his ribs in the loss to the Bills and has not been cleared for contact. Considering that the Jets play again on Thursday night against Jacksonville, Wilson could end up starting that game as well as the Lions matchup.

Those who believe in Mike White and write off Zach Wilson (the people I call “Whiters”) may choose to root for Wilson to fail. They’d argue that in the long run, White is far more likely to be the answer than Wilson, and they don’t want to see a QB controversy born of Wilson’s short-term success against bad defenses.

That logic may be tempting, but it’s also fundamentally flawed.

First of all, remember that you are a Jets fan first, not a player fan (unless you read this site for our scintillating fantasy football takes). The team is in the thick of a playoff race right now. Losing to Detroit may not kill the Jets’ playoff hopes completely, but it will make the odds that much more narrow. For that reason alone—wanting to see playoff football after a 6-3 start—rooting for Wilson to succeed is the way to go.

Besides that, having two viable QBs would do the Jets good for multiple reasons. First, it would make their bargaining position less desperate in free agency next year, allowing them to negotiate for fair value instead of bidding high due to a pressing need. Maybe they could go for Jacoby Brissett or re-sign White rather than give Jimmy Garoppolo more money than he’s worth.

More likely, Wilson playing well would give the Jets something to sell in a possible trade. Wilson’s value couldn’t be lower right now. Showing some potential in a playoff race could allow the Jets to move on from Wilson’s salary and have more breathing room in free agency, should they choose to go that route.

You can be skeptical about whether Wilson will actually play well. There is certainly enough on film to warrant that. But to actively root for him to fail means choosing a player over a team. If that’s the case, call yourself a Mike White fan, not a Jets fan.

Anyone can read our site’s content, but at its core, this is a website dedicated to covering the New York Jets organization. We may heavily criticize certain players, but let it never be said that we prefer our opinions to be vindicated over the good of the team.

So Jets fans, get out your No. 2 jerseys on Sunday. Get out and support Zach Wilson. Cheer for him. Let him shoot his best shot.

Maybe he’ll surprise us all.

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