NY Jets taught financial literacy from FOX Business’ Charles Payne

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By: Thomas Christopher

The host of Making Money with Charles Payne joined the Jets to teach financial literacy

Financial literacy is a topic that is largely ignored. But for professional athletes, who receive substantial income, it’s paramount for a successful life once their career is over.

Thankfully, the New York Jets are no strangers to that. Between former player Brandon Copeland, and the team partnering with Visa last year to teach local Boys and Girls Clubs about financial literacy, the Jets are a team that takes this responsibility quite seriously. And they’re continuing the trend going into the 2023 season.

FOX Business host Charles Payne spoke to the Jets about financial literacy and its importance.

“Last week I had the privilege of speaking to the players of the New York Jets,” said the FOX host. “It was ostensibly about financial literacy. So, I took the opportunity to go far beyond your basic financial literacy. They’ve been hearing about players in the past who’ve made big times mistakes, who’ve ruined their lives. Of course it’s something you never want to forget, right? Blowing millions of dollars. They’ll keep their focus on that, but I also wanted to talk about how they could play a greater role in society.”

Considering how many professional athletes become bankrupt after their careers, it’s important for players to learn the importance of investing, spending, and creating wealth for not only themselves, but for their families and the future. And the Jets made sure their players were aware of that with this meeting.

“It’s more than about money,” continued Payne. “You have to create a certain ethos that will guide future generations. I spent most of my presentation on how they could facilitate transformational wealth from would-be entrepreneurs and others, so they could play a big-time role long beyond what they’re doing right now.”

Considering the Jets are in the financial capital of the United States, avoiding the pitfalls of having substantial income is quite important.

“When the stories are told about these kids (Jets players) in the future, it won’t be cautionary tales. It’ll be about how people should follow their lead.”

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