Jets Hall of Famer on Aaron Rodgers to NY: ‘I don’t see it’

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By: Thomas Christopher

Joe Klecko doesn’t want to see Aaron Rodgers on the New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers has returned from darkness, and the NFL world continues to speculate about the 39-year-old signal caller’s future.

With rumors connecting Rodgers to the New York Jets, pundits and players alike have spoken about the possibility of the two uniting. While rumors continue to rage, a debate between Rodgers and Derek Carr has persisted. Lines are being drawn, and we can now put Jets Hall of Famer Joe Klecko in the Carr, err, car.

When speaking on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio this Wednesday, Klecko had concerns about Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets. He also believes Carr would bring a more humble presence to the team.

“When [Rodgers] didn’t have the perfect arrangement with the receivers and gameplan and line, his attitude is condescending so much to the player,” Klecko said. “He didn’t wanna come back to the huddle and all.”

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Klecko has a point here, but we’ve seen the likes of Tom Brady get verbal with players in the huddle, and that man has won more championships than anyone else. But Klecko believes that attitude won’t bode well for some Jets players.

“I can’t see [Garrett Wilson] coming back to the huddle and Rodgers is lambasting him for running the wrong route. It’s not going to fit. I don’t see it.”

Klecko believes the better option for the Jets is Derek Carr, who met with the team last weekend.

“A guy like Carr, he was an All-Pro. He hasn’t been an MVP but he’s had some great years,” said Klecko. “But I can’t see [the Jets] going after a guy who has had all his years and had his way and when it doesn’t turn out his way he goes dark? I can’t see it.”

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