NY Jets refusing to explore Lamar Jackson, Plan B options at QB

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By: Thomas Christopher

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers remains the New York Jets’ primary target heading into 2023

Sorry, New York Jets fans; despite confirmation that Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has requested a trade from the organization, Aaron Rodgers remains the Jets’ primary target at quarterback.

As reported by NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, the Jets aren’t looking into any other quarterback options as they maintain the belief that an agreement will be reached with Green Bay on compensation for Rodgers.

“The Jets have the opportunity, we know this, to explore other options. Lamar Jackson could be one of them … They’re refusing to engage in any of those, right now,” Garafolo said. “They won’t talk to any teams about potential trades, they won’t look at Lamar Jackson or any other veteran available right now, because they still believe that eventually this will get done.”

It makes sense for the Jets to say this publicly, but it’s hard to ignore the potential of Lamar Jackson at quarterback. The 26-year-old already has an MVP in his resume and is in the prime of his career. There are some durability concerns, but we’ve seen what Jackson can accomplish at his ceiling.

With that said, the team would have to be comfortable paying a hefty price – both in draft capital and contract – for the young signal caller. Whether or not the Jets would want to do that is unknown. But for now, at least, the team still has its sights on Rodgers.

The Jets and Packers find themselves in a good ol’ fashion standoff for the compensation of the future Hall of Famer. But instead of finding out which one has the fast draw, we’re in a game of chicken to see who lets down their guard first.

It’s likely we see this standoff last up until the NFL draft, where draft capital can play a major role in the decision-making for both teams.

For the Jets, there’s no rush. While head coach Robert Saleh expected the trade to be done by now, he insisted that there isn’t a sense of urgency in the situation.

It’s a good thing that Saleh isn’t on Jets Twitter.

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