Mike White says he ‘would love’ to be back with NY Jets

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By: Thomas Christopher

Could Mike White return to the New York Jets? He’s interested in a reunion

The New York Jets have been connected to essentially every available quarterback since the offseason started. They’ve waited on Aaron Rodgers to return from his retreat into darkness and lost out on Derek Carr. Now, there are reports that members of the Jets coaching staff have been pining for Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, none of that has stopped looming free agent Mike White from wanting to return to the Jets.

When Robert Saleh addressed the media last Thursday, he told reporters that White “should be on the roster” to start the 2023 season. In a recent interview with The Joe Rose Show on AM 560 Sports WQAM in Miami, White echoed those statements, heaping praise on the Jets locker room and coaching staff.

“I would love to be back with the Jets,” said White. “Like I said, the locker room’s fantastic, I talk to all those guys every day. I don’t know, we have to see. Things in this league change so fast and situations are so fluid, and who knows what’s gonna happen when … I know how the NFL works and I’m never gonna take anything too personal, but, I really like (the Jets) coaching staff, I really like that locker room, and I would love to be back.”

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Unfortunately for White, both of his stints as the Jets’ starter were cut short due to injury. Most recently, he fractured his ribs in a Dec. 11 loss to the Buffalo Bills. But White has reassured everyone that he is now completely healthy going into the 2023 offseason.

“Definitely fully healed now,” White said. “It was a tough road full of sleepless nights, and definitely hurt to cough and not laugh too much. But we’re definitely good now,” said White.

By now, everyone knows that Zach Wilson, the Jets’ former second overall pick from 2021, was benched mid-season for White. What no one expected was how quickly the rest of the Jets’ players – and the fan base – would take to White as the signal-caller of the offense.

Overnight, White became a folk hero for the Jets and their fans – and Mike ‘Effin White was born.

In the interview, White gave his reaction to his teammates rallying around him after his hot start for the Jets, putting to rest any doubts that there was drama within the locker room and at the quarterback position.

“That was something else … Those are my guys,” said White. “It is a really close-knit locker room, and quarterback room as well … We all support each other. It’s a really healthy environment … There wasn’t any awkward moments at all where there really could have been because it was a season of ups and downs.” White continued, “Everybody was super professional about it and supportive. We still talk to this day. From the outside looking in, you probably think there’s a lot of awkward moments, but it really didn’t skip a beat no matter who was playing.”

When asked about Wilson specifically and the struggles he faced last season, White didn’t hesitate to support his teammate.

“He’s a good kid, man. Like you said it was one bad interview taken out of context after a rough game. That happens, you know, I’m not trying to condone it, but it happens.”

White continued, “I just think it all kind of spiraled out of control … All he wants to do is perform well, and play well, and perform for his teammates and win. I’m confident that he’ll bounce back from this … I know he’ll use this as motivation and learn from it and bet better from it.”

With the Jets rumored to be pursuing Aaron Rodgers, White was asked about the difficulties playing in New York, and if Rodgers would be able to handle the NY media – a narrative that was gaining steam from multiple outlets only a few weeks ago.

“I think it’s a passionate fan base and they want to win. When you’re playing well, they’re the best fan base in the world, and when you’re not, they’ll let you hear about it,” said White. “Aaron Rodgers has had plenty of experience with the media and I’m sure he’ll be fine and know how to handle it and all that good stuff. It’s a passionate fan base to say the least.”

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