Sauce Gardner teases NY Jets ‘package deals’ with Aaron Rodgers

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By: Michael Nania

Sauce Gardner hints “package deals” will accompany Aaron Rodgers if he joins New York Jets

On Thursday night, New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner streamed live on his Twitch channel with Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson sitting beside him. Gardner, Hall, and Wilson openly discussed the Aaron Rodgers rumors and other hot topics swirling around the team.

Perhaps most notably, Gardner hinted that the Jets would have “package deals all over” if Rodgers joins the team.

Gardner specifically referenced free agent wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who is working out in front of NFL teams today.

It’s anybody’s guess as to whether Sauce truly does have inside information on this front, but he does have a point nonetheless. If the Jets land Aaron Rodgers, it would not be surprising if they begin attracting veteran players who are seeking a ring, similar to the Los Angeles Rams a few years back.

There are plenty of intriguing options if the Jets decide to dip into this market. Beckham, of course, is chief among them. However, there are plenty of other intriguing veteran names on the market, including some that were released within the past few days, such as Donovan Smith, Eric Kendricks, and Adam Thielen.

Thielen appears to have a friendly relationship with Rodgers. In July 2021, Rodgers said Thielen “has become a good buddy over the years.”

Sauce continues to be the captain of the Jets’ recruiting campaign. He has made his wishes very clear, going so far as to burn the cheesehead he took home from Green Bay in October of his rookie season.

We shall see if Sauce’s efforts are enough to lure Rodgers in – possibly alongside some other stars as well.

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