Jets select defensive back Jarrick Bernard-Converse in 6th round: Examining his analytic profile

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By: IMissFatRex


In the 6th round (184th overall pick) of the 2023 NFL draft, the New York Jets selected LSU defensive back Jarrick Bernard-Converse. This article is intended to provide some extra context and information about this Jets’ selection by discussing his analytical profile.

Jarrick Bernard-Converse

Age: 23 (born April 29, 2000, so he will be 23 on opening day)

Relative Athletic Score: With a score of 9.77, Barnes is a fantastic athlete among cornerbacks. In running his numbers across free and strong safeties, he still scores a 9.3+, so he’s a strong athlete among defensive backs in the broader sense as well.

In examining his more specific numbers, the data suggests that Bernard-Converse has great size for a corner, coming in a nearly 6’1. He also scored very well on the explosiveness and speed aspects of athleticism, but scored a bit lower on agility. Specifically, he scored below average on the shuttle, which, fortunately, seems to have little relevance in predicting cornerback success.

Career stats through 60 games over last 5 seasons with data compiled from espn,, and profootballfocus (2022 stats in parentheses):

Any discussion of Bernard-Converse has to acknowledge his wide array of experience. Specifically, he not only played in five separate college seasons, but did it across two colleges (four seasons at Oklahoma State and one at LSU), and across two positions (safety for his first two seasons at Oklahoma State and cornerback for the other three). In terms of statistics, he compiled:

  • 214 tackles (37)
  • 22 missed tackles (2)
  • Missed tackle rate 8.4% (4.7%)
  • Run stops 80 (14)
  • Targeted 280 times (44)
  • Allowed 158 receptions (26)
  • Completion rate of 56.4% (59.1%)
  • 2,080 yards allowed (347)
  • 19 touchdowns allowed (5)
  • 4 interceptions (2)
  • 25 pass break ups (2)
  • Passer rating allowed of 96.7 (103.1)

Converse played for a long-time by college standards. In line with that, his counting stats are high, but I am encouraged by his cornerback production in 2022. Specifically, he allowed only 347 yards in 12 games, which amounts to a very respectable 30 yards per week. He was also a very willing and sure tackler as shown by his 14 run stops and 4.7% missed tackle percentage, which seem pretty good for a cornerback.

2022 Performance per ProFootballFocus:

Overall grade: 76.9

Run defense grade: 70.1

Tackling grade: 86.5

Coverage grade: 79.2

PFF’s evaluation of Bernard-Converse seems to align with his statistical output. He graded very strong in coverage and tackling, but fared a bit worse on run defense. This seems like a pretty encouraging series of grades for a 6th round pick, especially one with his athleticism.


Bernard-Converse is a position-versatile defense back with great athleticism, who, in line with his experience, is on the older side for an NFL prospect. In terms of his statistical profile, it suggests a very strong athlete who is extremely competent as a tackler and has high potential in coverage. Based on this profile as well as the current cornerback depth of the New York Jets, Bernard-Converse will likely to limited to a special teams role at least early on in his career. However, his athleticism and willingness as a tackler may allow him to excel within this role as early as year 1.

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