Quinnen Williams removes NY Jets from Twitter bio

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By: Rivka Boord

Quinnen Williams used to have the New York Jets in his Twitter bio, but he conspicuously removed them

Things are getting uneasy for New York Jets fans surrounding Quinnen Williams.

From exit interviews at the end of last season, when Williams indicated he would sit out OTAs without a new deal, there’s been a general sense that the All-Pro defensive tackle was not happy.

He’s made several curious social media posts to that effect, including commenting with an ambiguous meme in response to Joe Douglas‘ statement that he’s optimistic about the contract negotiations.

ESPN’s Rich Cimini recently reported that the Jets and Williams are not close to a deal. Williams has taken his disgruntlement to social media once more.

The New York Jets are noticeably absent from Williams’ bio. That has become a signal of dissatisfaction from NFL players who are seeking contract extensions. Kyler Murray, Deebo Samuel, and others utilized the tactic and got their wishes.

It still seems hard to believe that a deal won’t materialize between the Jets and their team MVP, but it’s hard to be completely sanguine about it. With Daron Payne, Jeffery Simmons, and Dexter Lawrence all signing their contracts this offseason, the market is fairly set. We’ve thought all along that the contract would be somewhere in the ballpark of four years and $100 million.

Unless Quinnen is seeking Aaron Donald-like money, it’s hard to imagine why this is taking so long. Perhaps the Jets want to get Aaron Rodgers’ contract restructure nailed down before finalizing a deal with Williams. However, you’d think they’d have just explained that to him, which would ease his disgruntlement.

There’s still some time left before training camp to get a deal done. The clock seems to be ticking faster for the Jets, though.

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