Quinnen Williams Talks About the QB Change

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By: David Wyatt Hupton

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Right now we’re all riding the Mike White high, as someone who was becoming increasingly frustrated with the performances of Zach, I’m enjoying that high. How long will it last? Hopefully right through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl, we can all dream.

One aspect of the QB decision has been the reaction of the Jets players. A lot of column inches have been dedicated to the idea that the players in the locker room prefer Mike White to Zach. Who really knows the true feelings of the 53, what we do know is professional athletes like to win.

Earlier today Quinnen Williams appeared on the Richard Sherman YouTube show “The Volume” and he was asked directly how he felt and whether it was a shock for the team when he was told that Zach Wilson was being benched in favour of Mike White and here was his response:

“We have an amazing team and an amazing coaching staff in general. One of those things like stuff happens in the NFL, being a professional league, things out of my control especially being on the offensive side, but all I can do is do my job first and foremost and just support both of them because they’re both on my team, they’re both a brother of mine, I want to see both of them succeed no matter who’s in and who’s out. I just want to see the offense succeed in general so, from a personal aspect I can only do what I can control and support both of them in each and every way”

This quote really just breaks it down to the simplest form, players want to win and it’s absolutely possible to celebrate the success of one player while also hoping the player who’s been benched also succeeds. A lot gets read into celebrations and I’m sure there are certain players who maybe do like Mike more than Zach, not saying Elijah Moore but I have a feeling Elijah Moore is one of them, no evidence to back that up, just pure conjecture on my part. But the NFL and an NFL locker room isn’t as binary as we sometimes like to make it out to be.

Quinnen by all accounts is a model teammate and he’s absolutely going to support Mike while he’s taking snaps, but that doesn’t mean he has anything against Zach. I just think it’s important we remember that.

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