NY Jets’ Darrelle Revis and Chad Johnson engaged in Twitter spat

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By: Rivka Boord

Revis is not so involved in football, except when he is

Rather like a current New York Jets star cornerback, Jets’ great Darrelle Revis is no stranger to trash talk.

The difference is that while Sauce Gardner generally doesn’t get into it directly with another player, Revis has a long history of doing so.

The Richard Sherman-Revis Twitter wars were particularly insistent as both players battled for the title of the NFL’s best corner. (Sorry, Sherm; you’re a Hall of Famer, but Revis was an all-timer and the last of a generation of lockdown corners.)

Here, Revis responds to Chad Johnson on Twitter (or is he Ochocinco?). Johnson told Shannon Sharpe that Revis “dressed so ugly, but he’s one of the greatest.”

Revis brings up the back-to-back weeks in 2009 when he shut down the Bengals’ dominant and outspoken receiver.

Johnson responded by offering to meet Revis at the park and give it another go.

Ocho, I haven’t seen you on the Hall of Fame semifinalist ballot yet. Revis was just a tick out of your league.

It’s always good to receive a throwback to the days when Revis was getting into it on Twitter while backing it up on the field.

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