Sauce Gardner gifts Aaron Rodgers custom chain

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By: Billy Riccette

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner said Friday he had a gift for his new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Saturday, he delivered that gift. Gardner surprised Rodgers with a customer green and white No. 8 chain.

Gardner partnered with his jeweler, whose favorite quarterback happens to be Rodgers. He even tweeted back in April that something was coming. It all came together Saturday.

Gardner placed the chain on Rodgers, helping solidify what has already become a strong relationship between the two after an offseason that includes the two taking in a Knicks playoff game together.

“I think he’ll like it,” Gardner said of the gift, via the New York Post. “It’s probably not his style all the way, but I feel like it’s gonna be good since he’s in New York now.”

Originally posted on Jets Wire

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