The 2023 GGN Community Mock Draft Selection Thread

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By: MacGregor Wells

Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The 2023 GGN Community Mock Draft is now open. The Carolina Panthers are on the clock. Selections may be made immediately, and as soon as one selection is made the next selection is on the clock. However, NO PICK IS DUE PRIOR TO WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 AT 7 A.M. EDT. We’d like to move this along as briskly as possible, so if people are ready to pick right away that’s great, but everybody still gets at least 12 hours from the official opening time of 3 P.M. Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Please note that if your 12 hour time slot falls any time between 11 P.M. and 7 A.M. EDT, then you have until 7 A.M. EDT to make your selection.

THIS THREAD IS ONLY FOR MAKING SELECTIONS. All other discussions, comments, jokes, etc. belong in the discussion Fanpost linked Here. Anything posted in the comments of this Selection Thread that isn’t a selection will be deleted.

Here is the current draft order. This will change as trades flow in. All trades and selections will be posted in this article.


1. Carolina (Huge Jets Fan): C.J. Stroud

2. Baltimore (Perpetual Dissappointment)

3. Arizona (JesusHatesTheJets)

4. Indianapolis (Zsquared)

5. Seattle (Dilligaf010)

6. Detroit (GenoTime7)

7. Las Vegas (Kendrick Hills 10307)

8. Atlanta (FL LabRat)

9. Chicago (TG77)

10. Philadelphia (Jeremy J. Jackson)

11. Tennessee (willtakecharge4)

12. Houston (Qazart)

13. New York Jets (superhuman)

14. New England (Whiskey Slick)

15. Green Bay (FlyBy909)

16. Washington (916jetsfan)

17. Pittsburgh (gumpwine)

18. Detroit (GenoTime7)

19. Tampa Bay (theghostofriverside)

20. Seattle (Dilligaf010)

21. Los Angeles Chargers (shiff71)

22. Baltimore (Perpetual Dissappointment)

23. Minnesota (Njb45)

24. Jacksonville (Imacamper)

25. New York Giants (DMAC17)

26. Dallas (ToiletBowles)

27. Buffalo (Janksum)

28. Cincinnati (Psi*Psi)

29. New Orleans (7 to Shea)

30. Philadelphia (Jeremy J. Jackson)

31. Kansas City (BroNamath)

Teams without a first round selection:

Miami (Finhead)

Los Angeles Rams (Kelt2332)

Teams without a first or second round selection:

Cleveland (GenoTime7)

Denver (superhuman)

San Francisco (Traveling Man)


  1. Ravens trade Lamar Jackson and 2023 #124th to Texans for 2023 #2

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