The only correct way New York Jets fans can vote on Election Day

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By: Matt Enwhyjay

New York Jets fans actually have the ability to vote incorrectly on Election Day. Luckily, Jets X-Factor is here to lead everybody down the right path.

Every year, Election Day presents a unique opportunity for Americans to utilize their voice on the most important issues facing the country today. 

Red vs. blue, left vs. right, and most importantly, Sauce Gardner vs. Kerby Joseph. 

The New York Jets have been on an incredible run in Rookie of the Week voting so far in 2022, winning five straight belts and six total this season. The Jets are in prime position to add to this streak with a kid named Sauce having another stellar performance in their stunning 20-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Now, a lot of Jets fans will come forward and say, “Matt … we have already won enough this year. Kerby had 10 tackles, two picks and three passes defended. I love Sauce, but I’m voting for the more deserving guy.”

This may be a controversial take, but Kerby Joseph could have had five interceptions, 15 tackles, two touchdowns, and four forced fumbles, and it would force me to vote even more eagerly for the man the kids call Sauce.

Every single time a Jets rookie is on the poll, I want a W. The Jets organization wants a W. The entirety of that burgeoning young locker wants a W dripping in moxie and euphoria. 

And that’s simply the way it should be.

The only time a Jets player was on the poll and did not win was when Cincinnati Bengals weapon Ja’Marr Chase went for 266 yards and three scores on 11 receptions in Week 16 last year. (As much as this may be an indictment on my life—perhaps both positively and negatively—the Chase result still haunts me to this day.)

Jets Twitter must refuse to lose to a person named after a loveable Super Smash Brothers character. 

Understand that there’s just one correct way for the New York Jets fan to vote on Election Day 2022: for Sauce Gardner …

… right here.

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