WFT Depth Chart updated to 8 June 2021 for the start of minicamp

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This isn’t exactly an article, but there’s been a few recent roster additions to bring the depth chart to 91 players (the team gets a roster exemption for International Player Pathway player, David Bada) so I thought I’d update the chart and post it ahead of minicamp, which runs this week.


The numbers on the chart next to some players’ names represent the 2021 cap hit. It is only listed for players who have a hit over $1m.

The color coding used follows this key:

When it doesn’t seem clear who is the starter or the backup, I have generally listed veterans ahead of rookies.

Where a position has two or more slots (ie. DT, DE, WR, CB, RG/LG) I haven’t made any real effort to list the backups behind the starter they are most likely to replace. To some extent, I have just tried to balance the space on the chart.

In what appears to be a data entry error, the team site lists DB Chris Miller, who was claimed off of waivers last month, as being on the Practice Squad, which is currently non-existent, so we’ll keep an eye out to see if that signals anything unusual or is simply a glitch that gets fixed.

This latest update shows the departure of tight end Dylan Cantrell, who was cut, and the addition of two new players, DT Gabe Wright and OG Najee Toran. With those roster moves, the chart shows a full complement of 91 players — 45 offense, 43 defense, and 3 specialists.

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