NY Jets QB Aaron Rodgers rumored to purchase $9.5M NJ home

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By: Rivka Boord

In joining the New York Jets, Aaron Rodgers is rumored to have bought a new home on the East Coast

One order of business in the New York Jets‘ offseason remains incomplete: where does Aaron Rodgers now live?

The New York Post added fuel to a rumor that Rodgers purchased a newly built home in Montclair, New Jersey. The residence is half an hour from the practice facility in Florham Park and 20 minutes from MetLife Stadium.

The home has eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and had a sale price of $9.5 million. The sales records did not close yet and the listing agent stated that the owner bought the home via an LLC. Still, there are increasing indications that Rodgers is, indeed, the buyer.

Here are some of the Stanton Company pictures (via The Post).

Rodgers already owns several other properties, including a $28 million pad in Malibu and homes in Chico, California, Tennessee, and Texas. In addition, he still has his Wisconsin home, which is not currently for sale.

It appears that Rodgers is not just a West Coast guy. Unlike Brett Favre, who doubted whether he could maintain small-town rural life in New Jersey, Rodgers is enjoying his time in the Big Apple and its environs. From Broadway shows and concerts to other nights out with teammates, he is living it up.

Now, he appears to have a home, as well.

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