Woody Johnson says there is no playoff mandate, but says team is ready to make a run

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By: Billy Riccette

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson is understandably frustrated that his team is once again sitting on the sidelines during the NFL playoffs and one has to wonder if his patience is wearing thin with the current regime.

Whether he is or not, Johnson is at least saying the right things in showing his support as best he can for Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas.

Johnson wouldn’t come out and say the playoffs are a must in 2023. “No, I don’t do mandates,” Johnson told reporters Thursday. “Mandates don’t work.”

Johnson did add that he believes the Jets are “loaded” and that they are “ready to make a run.”

“I want to win,” Johnson said.

That road to winning could include a veteran quarterback, as Johnson said he is “absolutely” open to the team going after a veteran quarterback. He said good quarterback play is the “missing piece” on the team, though he did note he does see talent in Zach Wilson.

At least from what he’s saying in public, Saleh and Douglas don’t seem to have much pressure on them in 2023. So he says.


Originally posted on Jets Wire

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