Zach Wilson humble, enjoying learning from ‘big brother’ Aaron Rodgers

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By: Billy Riccette

Zach Wilson did not play well in 2022. That was obvious and the whole reason the Jets went out and acquired Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers.

Wilson’s attitude during the season was also very poor at times, namely after the Week 12 loss to the New England Patriots. Nowadays, Wilson has matured and is handling his situation much better.

Wilson spoke to the media Friday and talked about how the last two years have humbled him. He’s now fully aware of why the Jets did what they did, saying the team was always completely open about their plans.

“I can’t be bitter about the situation, Wilson said. “I didn’t perform well.” Wilson still wants to be the “the guy” but is “psyched” for the opportunity to get to learn from Rodgers, who Wilson refers to as his “big brother”. It’s actually been fun of late for the former No. 2 overall pick.

“Right now I’m having a ton of fun,” Wilson said. “More fun than I’ve had. Feeling like every day, there’s so much to learn.”

It’s also not just Rodgers that Wilson has been enjoying learning from. He’s also excited about having an experienced coaching staff on offense with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and passing-game coordinator Todd Downing.

Wilson even got to hang with Rodgers in California back in January, three months before they became teammates.

Wilson may have started turning over a new leaf with his NFL career. He’s been working well with the new kid in town and not making his life hell. Maybe he can salvage something with the help of Rodgers.

Originally posted on Jets Wire

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